The Fox and Parlour Educational System is a comprehensive training to support you in your professional journey.

Our curriculum covers everything required to shine in this competitive industry, things we have learned through trial and error from our own experience. We not only offer demos and hands-on classes for you to perfect your craft, we take the time to sit down and talk about creating your unique brand and establishing who you really are as a stylist.

There are so many avenues and career options in this industry, and it can be challenging and overwhelming to find your niche. Whether you are an experienced stylist or fresh out of cosmetology school, we want to help you in discovering your passion and purpose in hair and give you the proper tools and knowledge to achieve your dream career as efficiently as  possible.


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look&learn with kenny and clinton


Kenny may be known for his mens cutting capabilities, but he's also known for acute knowledge of how to conduct a consultation that is speedy and in the best interest of his male clientele. His experience will also cut down on your timing while maintaining a precision haircut.

Instagram: @w_k_o

09/11/16 11:00AM-2:00Pm


Clinton is the definition of a technical hair cutting artist. He has educated with Paul Mitchell The School and Artistic team all over the U.S.  

In his eyes of cutting its all about "suitability". You will retain knowledge not only on the technical aspect of the craft, but also the eye it takes to properly chose the best  haircut for the client.

Fox & Parlour Education


While Kenny is known for his cutting and coloring capabilities, his passion for business is nothing short of an obsession.

His quick rebound from leaving a previous salon to gaining a clientele then opening a thriving business with the support of his business partner is due to his passion of sharing passion via social media platforms.

You will have a chance to dig into the mind thats bending the rules that "store front salons" were used to having to adhere by.